TYM Logo and Marketing Assets

We have included corporate-approved TYM logos and associated marketing assets for dealer use below. Please contact your TM if you have questions about the correct usage of any TYM materials. Approved TYM Logos and Associated Marketing Materials

Generic Advertisement Copies

1_3620_DealerADwGirl 2_3620_DealerADwCody 3_3620_DealerADatSwanLk 4820C_withHayFork 1_5835_DealerADwHarrow 2_5835_DealerADwHorses 3_5835_DealerADwCorral 1_2205h_Lifestyle_2 2_2205h_Family_2 3_2505h_Landscape_2 4_2515H_Horses_2 5_2610h_HorsesFarm_2 DCA-Qtrpage-3.625×4.5 DCA-Halfpage-7.5×4.5

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